When you travel, think intermodal!

Tonight’s episode of On The Fly featured a group of twelve passengers bound for Milwaukee who misconnected and ended up stranded in…well, airports all start to look alike after a while. Anyway, the best option they were given was a flight to Chicago Midway, whereupon all of the stranded passengers began to groan about rental cars and arranging to get picked up at the airport and things like that.

Next time you find yourself in that situation, think intermodal (because it might just save your trip)! Amtrak offers fast, frequent service from Chicago Union Station to Milwaukee—not just the intermodal station in downtown Milwaukee, but the airport, too! So, even if you’d parked your car at the airport in Milwaukee, Amtrak will get you right back where you started. A quick trip on the CTA Orange Line from Midway to Quincy, three blocks west to Union Station, hop on the Hiawatha Service, and you’re set! No car to rent, no traffic to get stuck in, and no friends to badger for a ride. Best of all, it’s probably cheaper than renting a car.

I’ve seen many people characterize cars as freedom and transit as some sort of straitjacket on rails—but here again transit is the fast, easy, inexpensive, and stress-free option. So, next time you travel, think out of the box, and think intermodal!

3 thoughts on “When you travel, think intermodal!”

  1. I saw that episode too and thought the same thing …. they were actually stuck in Tampa and the options they were given were either go to St. Louis, stay the night and catch a flight to Milwaukee, Stay in Tampa till the next day, or, as the above article indicated, fly into Midway and find your own transport …. it amazes me how many people don’t even consider rail ….. I would have loved it, either way, I wouldn’t have to drive …….

  2. I watched the first few episodes of On The Fly but it just became too painful to continue. The way the show cherry picks through situations and pulls hundreds of hours of airport time into a 20 minute show makes it seem like air travel is always a highly dramatic affair. The reality is that almost all of the time it’s pretty non-eventful. The show also showcases some of the most whiny customers with the worst attitudes that certainly don’t represent the flying public as a whole.

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